Extend the Support Life of your SharpLynx Software

After 12 years of producing quality back-office software for Sharp ECR/POS terminals our SharpLynx software development has now come to an end. Version 9 is the last major upgrade to our SharpLynx software.

For a limited time we are offering discounted upgrades to Version 9 for licenced users who would like to extend the support life of their software. See our Version History page for End of Support dates by version. Discounted crossgrades to our Uniwell Lynx software are also available for licenced users … see the post Is it time to upgrade your Sharp ECR/POS Terminals?

Take advantage of these limited offers while they last!

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Important Security Update

We have been advised by the company that hosts our electronic licence activation server that they have recently enforced some security updates that may impact the activation and deactivation of electronic licences from older operating systems.

“Industry standards now require increased security in encryption protocols to keep data safe. We are legally-obligated to comply ​with these increased security requirements, and doing so requires changes to our hosting infrastructure​.”

What Operating Systems are Affected?

Effectively immediately TLS 1.0 is no longer supported for secure connections to their licensing servers. Secure access to their licensing servers is only possible from systems that support TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.

Here is a summary of the new operating system requirements:

  • Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer with Internet Explorer 11 or newer is required.
  • It is possible to use Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 with Internet Explorer 10, but users may need to adjust settings on their computer to enable support.
  • Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 R2 or earlier, or Internet Explorer 9 or earlier do not support the newer, required standards.

For operating systems that do not support TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 the activation/deactivation processes may fall-back to a less secure connection method. However, if this fails the only solution will be to update the operating system to one that is supported.

Note: This change only affects activations and deactivations. Licences that were activated prior to this change will continue to function normally.

Version 9 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v9!

Upgrade to Version 9

New Features

  • New Report Style
    • Report colour scheme option added to Preferences
  • Sales Batches
    • Location, Sales Terminal and Date Range filters added to Process Sales Batches, Unprocess Sales Batches and Delete Sales Batches
    • Day of Week column added to Sales Batch grids
  • Stock Control
    • Modify Item button added to Stock Purchases
  • Manager Reports
    • Item description added to Delete Item entries in User Log
  • Data File Management
    • Optimise Data File option added to Backup Data File
  • Performance
    • Purge Data – ALL Transactional Data and Totals up to 23x faster

Old Features Removed

  • HASP Licence Key support
  • MYOB Link Add-On
  • LiquorFile Add-On
  • Maximum number of Price Levels reduced from 236 to 99

Is it time to upgrade your Sharp ECR/POS terminals?

Did you know we also develop back office software for Uniwell hybrid ePOS terminals?

Now you can upgrade your POS terminals
without having to learn a completely new back office solution!

Consider some of the advantages of upgrading to Uniwell Lynx

  • Our Uniwell Lynx software has the same look and feel as our SharpLynx software making it a breeze to learn
  • We can convert your departments, items, customers and suppliers from SharpLynx to Uniwell Lynx to make the transition even easier
  • And you’ll love the new features you gain in Uniwell Lynx that take it to the next level from SharpLynx, such as …
    • Screen layout programming
    • Lots of new reports including Dashboard and Weekly KPI reports
    • Customer promotions in the optional Customers module
    • Optional Add-Ons for scale integration and labour cost reporting
  • Upgrade pricing from SharpLynx to Uniwell Lynx

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Version 8 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v8!

Upgrade to Version 8

Smart Reporting

Cloud-based POS reports without monthly fees! The Smart Reporting features in SharpLynx v8 make it easier than ever to have the reports you want automatically sent to your smart device.

  • Read Sales Batches can be processed allowing data on all reports to be updated
  • Read Sales jobs can be scheduled for automated report updates
  • Email/Cloud format option added to Saved Reports (PDF/CSV/XLS)
  • Date/time stamp in the filename of reports sent to cloud drives option added to Saved Reports
  • Repeat Hourly option added to Scheduled Jobs

Reporting Enhancements

  • Customer Statement format option added
    • Activity: Shows all transactions for selected date range
    • Outstanding: Shows only outstanding transactions
  • Option to use regional long date format for date ranges on reports
  • Email address added to Customer Listing
  • Reorder Levels Listing

Other New Features

  • Grid-style editing of Reorder Levels
  • Option to edit email subject and message when emailing Purchase Orders
  • Automatic generation of PLU Code from Item Code for new items during Import Items if Item Code is a valid PLU Code and PluCode column not included in import file
  • ‘Data grid filters on text fields assume % wildcard prefix’ option added to Preferences

Cloud-Based POS Reports


Cloud storage allows you to access your files anytime from virtually anywhere on almost any device. With plenty of free cloud storage services to choose from, the cloud integration features in SharpLynx v7 provide an easy way to receive cloud-based POS reports without any on-going monthly fees.

SharpLynx v8 due for release January 30, 2017

SharpLynx v8 will take our cloud-based POS reports solution to a new level. It will include the ability to schedule regular sales updates from your Sharp ECR/POS terminals throughout your trading day with up-to-date reports sent automatically to your smart device.

Cloud-based POS reports
without monthly fees!

Contact your SharpLynx Reseller or submit an enquiry via our Contact Us page if you would like more information.

LynxAssist Support & Training

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Version 7 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v7. See the following posts for some of the highlights …

New Features:

  • Grid-style editing of Clerk Names
  • Print option added to various data grids
  • Select Columns option added to some data grids
  • Alternating row style on data grids option
  • Increased row height on data grids option
  • Stock Coverage Report
  • Top Customers Report
  • Price Level filter on Item Sales and Item Sales by Day reports
  • Zero price items excluded from Zero Item Sales Report if they have a sales quantity for the selected data range
  • Group by category option on Stock Write-offs Report
  • Last Visit date shown on Customer Analysis Report
  • Email Address maintenance added to Setup
  • Email Address selection dialog added to Reports, Listings and Scheduled Job maintenance
  • Email Log Report
  • Cloud Drives maintenance added to Setup
  • Cloud Drive selection dialog added to Reports and Scheduled Job maintenance
  • Non-busy modal forms closed automatically before executing Scheduled Jobs
  • Sell Price Column selection in Item Selling Prices saved and used as default
  • Sell Prices 1 to 8 added to Items grid
  • Last Visit date/time added to Customers grid
  • Total number of labels shown on Export Items for Label Printing dialog
  • Option to use Last Cost for cost of sales

Version 7 Highlights #3

One of the most popular features in SharpLynx is the ability to have reports emailed or sent to a cloud drive. Version 7 includes a number of enhancements to these features making them easier to use and more flexible.

Email Address and Cloud Drive Maintenance

Now you can maintain your email addresses and multiple cloud drives. You can even add a meaningful description to each email address or cloud drive.

Email Address and Cloud Drive Selection Dialogs

The new Email Address and Cloud Drive selection dialogs make sending reports a breeze! Simply make your selection and then click Ok to send your reports. You can even add new email addresses or cloud drives on-the-fly by clicking the New button. As an added bonus these new dialogs also provide a confirmation step before your reports are sent.

Email Log

Check to see what emails have been sent and whether or not any errors occurred.

Version 7 Highlights #2

In Version 7 Highlights #1 we focused on the improvements that have been made to various data grids. Now let’s have a look at some of the new reporting features that will be included in the initial release of SharpLynx v7.

Stock Coverage Report

Do you know how many days your stock will last based on your average sales? The new Stock Coverage Report lets you do just that. Optimise your stock holdings by identifying fast moving items that are understocked and slow moving items that are overstocked.

Top Customers Report
Get to know your best customers with the Top Customers Report.

Other New Reporting Options and Features

  • Price Level filter on Item Sales and Item Sales by Day reports
  • Group by category option on Stock Write-offs Report
  • Last Visit date shown on Customer Analysis Report