Version 7 Highlights #1

Welcome to the first of series posts highlighting some of the new features that will be included in SharpLynx v7 when it is released on January 29, 2016. In this post we will focus on improvements that have been made to various data grids.

New Grid Style Options

Alternating row style and increased row height options improve the readability of data grids. Both of these options are enabled by default in Version 7. These new settings are applied to all of the data grids in the software and each setting can be enabled or disabled in Setup > Preferences > Theme.

Select Columns

The new Select Columns option that has been added to a number of key data grids allows you to choose which columns you want displayed in the grid. You can edit your column selection at any time and your new selection then becomes the default setting for that data grid.

Print Preview

Want to print the contents of a data grid? Now you can! Filter and sort the grid to suit your needs and then click the Print Preview button to see what your print-out will look like.

Other Improvements

  • An option to edit Clerk Names directly in the Clerks data grid
  • The Sell Price Column selection in Item Selling Prices grid is now saved and used as the default
  • Sell Prices 1 to 8 have been added to the Items data grid
  • Last Visit date/time has been added to the Customers data grid