Version 9 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v9!

Upgrade to Version 9

New Features

  • New Report Style
    • Report colour scheme option added to Preferences
  • Sales Batches
    • Location, Sales Terminal and Date Range filters added to Process Sales Batches, Unprocess Sales Batches and Delete Sales Batches
    • Day of Week column added to Sales Batch grids
  • Stock Control
    • Modify Item button added to Stock Purchases
  • Manager Reports
    • Item description added to Delete Item entries in User Log
  • Data File Management
    • Optimise Data File option added to Backup Data File
  • Performance
    • Purge Data – ALL Transactional Data and Totals up to 23x faster

Old Features Removed

  • HASP Licence Key support
  • MYOB Link Add-On
  • LiquorFile Add-On
  • Maximum number of Price Levels reduced from 236 to 99