Update History

We’ve been busy improving and adding new features to SharpLynx ever since it was first released back in 2006. Explore the articles below to see some of the great new features that have been added recently.

Version 9 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v9!

Upgrade to Version 9

New Features

  • New Report Style
    • Report colour scheme option added to Preferences
  • Sales Batches
    • Location, Sales Terminal and Date Range filters added to Process Sales Batches, Unprocess Sales Batches and Delete Sales Batches
    • Day of Week column added to Sales Batch grids
  • Stock Control
    • Modify Item button added to Stock Purchases
  • Manager Reports
    • Item description added to Delete Item entries in User Log
  • Data File Management
    • Optimise Data File option added to Backup Data File
  • Performance
    • Purge Data – ALL Transactional Data and Totals up to 23x faster

Old Features Removed

  • HASP Licence Key support
  • MYOB Link Add-On
  • LiquorFile Add-On
  • Maximum number of Price Levels reduced from 236 to 99

Version 8 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v8!

Upgrade to Version 8

Smart Reporting

Cloud-based POS reports without monthly fees! The Smart Reporting features in SharpLynx v8 make it easier than ever to have the reports you want automatically sent to your smart device.

  • Read Sales Batches can be processed allowing data on all reports to be updated
  • Read Sales jobs can be scheduled for automated report updates
  • Email/Cloud format option added to Saved Reports (PDF/CSV/XLS)
  • Date/time stamp in the filename of reports sent to cloud drives option added to Saved Reports
  • Repeat Hourly option added to Scheduled Jobs

Reporting Enhancements

  • Customer Statement format option added
    • Activity: Shows all transactions for selected date range
    • Outstanding: Shows only outstanding transactions
  • Option to use regional long date format for date ranges on reports
  • Email address added to Customer Listing
  • Reorder Levels Listing

Other New Features

  • Grid-style editing of Reorder Levels
  • Option to edit email subject and message when emailing Purchase Orders
  • Automatic generation of PLU Code from Item Code for new items during Import Items if Item Code is a valid PLU Code and PluCode column not included in import file
  • ‘Data grid filters on text fields assume % wildcard prefix’ option added to Preferences

SharpLynx v7.02.0009

Release Date:    29/03/2016

Emailing Reports and Listings

An Email Message dialog has been added when emailing reports or listings. You can now edit the Subject line of the email and add a multi-line message to the body of the email.

Export Items for Label Printing

Support has been added for exporting to Seagull Scientific BarTender 2016 software.