Version 7 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v7. See the following posts for some of the highlights …

New Features:

  • Grid-style editing of Clerk Names
  • Print option added to various data grids
  • Select Columns option added to some data grids
  • Alternating row style on data grids option
  • Increased row height on data grids option
  • Stock Coverage Report
  • Top Customers Report
  • Price Level filter on Item Sales and Item Sales by Day reports
  • Zero price items excluded from Zero Item Sales Report if they have a sales quantity for the selected data range
  • Group by category option on Stock Write-offs Report
  • Last Visit date shown on Customer Analysis Report
  • Email Address maintenance added to Setup
  • Email Address selection dialog added to Reports, Listings and Scheduled Job maintenance
  • Email Log Report
  • Cloud Drives maintenance added to Setup
  • Cloud Drive selection dialog added to Reports and Scheduled Job maintenance
  • Non-busy modal forms closed automatically before executing Scheduled Jobs
  • Sell Price Column selection in Item Selling Prices saved and used as default
  • Sell Prices 1 to 8 added to Items grid
  • Last Visit date/time added to Customers grid
  • Total number of labels shown on Export Items for Label Printing dialog
  • Option to use Last Cost for cost of sales