Version 8 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v8!

Upgrade to Version 8

Smart Reporting

Cloud-based POS reports without monthly fees! The Smart Reporting features in SharpLynx v8 make it easier than ever to have the reports you want automatically sent to your smart device.

  • Read Sales Batches can be processed allowing data on all reports to be updated
  • Read Sales jobs can be scheduled for automated report updates
  • Email/Cloud format option added to Saved Reports (PDF/CSV/XLS)
  • Date/time stamp in the filename of reports sent to cloud drives option added to Saved Reports
  • Repeat Hourly option added to Scheduled Jobs

Reporting Enhancements

  • Customer Statement format option added
    • Activity: Shows all transactions for selected date range
    • Outstanding: Shows only outstanding transactions
  • Option to use regional long date format for date ranges on reports
  • Email address added to Customer Listing
  • Reorder Levels Listing

Other New Features

  • Grid-style editing of Reorder Levels
  • Option to edit email subject and message when emailing Purchase Orders
  • Automatic generation of PLU Code from Item Code for new items during Import Items if Item Code is a valid PLU Code and PluCode column not included in import file
  • ‘Data grid filters on text fields assume % wildcard prefix’ option added to Preferences