Update History

We’ve been busy improving and adding new features to SharpLynx ever since it was first released back in 2006. Explore the articles below to see some of the great new features that have been added recently.

SharpLynx v7.01.0003

Release Date:    03/03/2016


A Select Stocktake Date and Location dialog has been added to reduce calculating stock levels events. In previous versions changing the stocktake date would trigger a calculating stock levels event and then changing the location would trigger it again. Now you can simply click on the Change button to set both the stocktake date and the location and the stock levels will only be calculated once when you click Ok to accept the changes. This new dialog also prevents errors caused by attempting other operations while stock levels are being calculated.

Menu and Shortcut Bar

Saved Reports has been added as an option in the Sales menu and shortcut bar.


SharpLynx v7.00.0040

Release Date: 15/02/2016

Sales Batch Reports Data Grid Improvements

This update includes some exciting improvements to the Sales Batch Reports data grid.

  • Sales Terminal, Location and Date Range filters
  • Z Counter columns
  • Select Columns option

Clerk Filter on Electronic Journal Report

Now you can view or print an Electronic Journal Report for a specific Clerk or a range of Clerks.

Version 7 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SharpLynx v7. See the following posts for some of the highlights …

New Features:

  • Grid-style editing of Clerk Names
  • Print option added to various data grids
  • Select Columns option added to some data grids
  • Alternating row style on data grids option
  • Increased row height on data grids option
  • Stock Coverage Report
  • Top Customers Report
  • Price Level filter on Item Sales and Item Sales by Day reports
  • Zero price items excluded from Zero Item Sales Report if they have a sales quantity for the selected data range
  • Group by category option on Stock Write-offs Report
  • Last Visit date shown on Customer Analysis Report
  • Email Address maintenance added to Setup
  • Email Address selection dialog added to Reports, Listings and Scheduled Job maintenance
  • Email Log Report
  • Cloud Drives maintenance added to Setup
  • Cloud Drive selection dialog added to Reports and Scheduled Job maintenance
  • Non-busy modal forms closed automatically before executing Scheduled Jobs
  • Sell Price Column selection in Item Selling Prices saved and used as default
  • Sell Prices 1 to 8 added to Items grid
  • Last Visit date/time added to Customers grid
  • Total number of labels shown on Export Items for Label Printing dialog
  • Option to use Last Cost for cost of sales

Software Update v6.09.0004

Released: 04/11/2015
New Features:
  • Scheduled Job description included in subject line of emailed Batch/Saved reports
  • Date range shown on Consolidated Batch Reports printed or emailed during Scheduled Jobs
  • Deactivate Licence icon changed to avoid Windows ‘Pin this program to taskbar’ issues

Software Update v6.07.0006

Released: 29/09/2015
New Features:
  • Support files updated for Windows 10
  • Department Number included in Department Filter drop-down lists
  • Scheduled Email Batch/Saved Reports send status added to Communications Log
  • Database size warning disabled when running in Scheduled Communications Only mode